Putting together your Honeymoon Registry: Where to go? What to do?

Putting together your Honeymoon Registry: Where to go? What to do?

Having difficulty choosing what to put into your registry? Here are some helpful tips:

  • Think of a few places you REALLY want to go to, and work from there. Keep in mind how long you have to travel – if you’ve only got 2 weeks off work then downsize the number of experiences so you won’t overload your days with too much activity (and yes, it IS possible to overload your days!).
  • Once you know the areas you definitely want to go to, look around for other options nearby. To find this info, try:
    • Talking to friends who’ve travelled there before
    • Searching out travel bloggers who’ve visited that country – there are some great ones reporting on the craziest stuff to do and the best (often well-hidden!) places to eat
    • Checking out a good old-fashioned travel book for that country (a lot of these give great info on restaurants and hotels for the larger towns and cities)
    • Looking up the official government tourism website for that country. They’ve all got one!
    • Pretty much all of the big ticket venues in the world have their own official website, which often provide interesting gift ideas. Did you know the Tower of London does spooky twilight tours? (www.hrp.org.uk), or that some of the best views in Sydney are from the restaurant in the Sydney Opera House (www.sydneyoperahouse.com), or that you can climb the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco (www.parksconservancy.org)?
    • For most places on earth, you’ll find websites listing bed and breakfast options. We highly recommend these as an alternative to staying in big multinational hotels if you want to immerse yourself a bit more in the community you’re visiting.
  • Remember to include gifts from a range of prices for your guests’ different budgets.
  • You can leave your gift listing fairly generalised (eg “one night’s accommodation”), but the registry becomes much more personal and fun if you can be more specific (eg “one night’s stay at The Bellagio, Las Vegas”).

If you’re stuck for ideas, some gift suggestions you might consider include:

  • Meals
  • Accommodation
  • Flights (a short flight might be one gift, or a long flight might be put up as several gifts of, say, $100 to contribute to the overall cost)
  • Guided tours of cities/castles/gardens
  • Day trips with a tour company
  • Tickets to theatres/museums/theme parks/zoos/music festivals (if you get your timing right!)
  • Guides for hiking expeditions
  • Horse/camel/elephant/donkey riding (or any other animal you can think of!)
  • A night out (including cocktails and club entry fees)
  • Cooking classes
  • Car hire/train tickets/hot air balloon rides
  • Souvenirs, eg artwork or sculptures (factor in postage home)
  • Spa experiences

Remember, the broader the range of experiences you map out in your registry, the richer the memories you’ll take home with you afterwards. For more ideas, check out our online demonstration page or the suggestions we put together for a honeymoon in the Amalfi Coast in Italy.

Check out our sample registry for more ideas. Happy planning!

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