From Michelangelo to the Minotaur: Stepping back in time in Italy and Greece

From Michelangelo to the Minotaur: Stepping back in time in Italy and Greece

Planning your honeymoon registry? Wish you could get some tips from others who’ve done the same? We’ve spoken to a few couples who used Our Honeymoon Registry and they’ve shared some ideas and experiences from their trips.

Bartek and Claire

Where did you go for your honeymoon?

Italy and Greece

Which honeymoon registry gift ideas worked really well on your trip?

A colleague from work gave us a gift of a gondola ride in Venice, which we loved! Also, a few family friends gave us some accommodation while we were there, which was right in the old part of town in a beautiful building with its own water-gate onto the canal. We would never have been able to justify the expense of such gorgeous accommodation if we were travelling normally, because you can stay much more cheaply out of town, so this was a great opportunity to make the trip special using the registry.

Favourite place to go there?

Santorini (Greece)

From Michelangelo to the Minotaur: Stepping back in time in Italy and Greece

How did you decide on the gifts you put in your registry?

Honestly… my ancient history class back in high school! I’d studied all these places in Greece and Italy but had never actually stood there and looked at the real things. So I mapped out places like the Sistine chapel, the ruins at Pompeii and the palace at Knossos as my starting point. Then I spoke to friends who’ve been there before and looked at travel books to see what other things were in the area that we might want to do, and any special accommodation we could stay at.

Best food experience?

Really loved the bread and tzatziki platters in Santorini. A big part of that was eating them outdoors gazing at the setting sun over the ocean with a few drinks!

Something you wish you’d done or known when you were there?

In Rome, we learned never to buy any food if you can see the Colosseum from where you are – it’s overpriced and nasty “tourist” fare instead of authentic Roman cuisine.

Best tip for travellers in that country?

Breakfast isn’t big in Italy… in fact I’m not sure it exists. So if you’re like me and can’t step outside without having had the most important meal of the day, go exploring to find shops where you can get things like fresh bread or fruit to take back to the hotel for the next morning (these are good even if you don’t have a fridge). I discovered the gelato shop down the road served a great natural yogurt with honey, which was my go-to option.

From Michelangelo to the Minotaur: Stepping back in time in Italy and Greece

Best tips for newlyweds who travel?

Schedule in some low energy gifts – even if you think you love energetic activities. Things like massages or theatre tickets are good for breaking up the more intense activities, because all travel has the potential to be tiring and stressful at times if it’s too full-on, and you don’t want something like that to stop you enjoying the time with your new husband/wife!

A few key items to pack for an awesome honeymoon in that country?

A few snappy outfits that don’t crush too badly and comfy flat shoes (putting those squishy inserts into the soles is a good idea) – no sneakers!! People dress impeccably well in Rome and I’d packed my usual travel wear of loose cargoes and floppy shirts. I had just a few nice outfits I could muster up, and ended up buying a few new things while I was there (I know, poor me!) because I felt like I stuck out so badly. When in Rome…

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