Ice hotels and volcanic mud: The action-packed honeymoon to Scandinavia and beyond

Ice hotels and volcanic mud: The action-packed honeymoon to Scandinavia and beyond

Planning your honeymoon registry? Wish you could get some tips from others who’ve done the same? We’ve spoken to a few couples who used Our Honeymoon Registry and they’ve shared some ideas and experiences from their trips.

Nick and Viv

Where did you go for your honeymoon?
Helsinki (Finland), Stockholm (Sweden), Iceland and Scotland

Which honeymoon registry gift ideas worked really well on your trip?
Quite honestly, most of them. We were really appreciative of a lot of the café and restaurant meals that people got for us and it was a really nice feeling to sit down in some amazing places and say “Cheers!” to specific people.

For us, the more active gifts such as kayaking, white water rafting and bike hire worked well, as they can definitely add up quickly in price!

Ice hotels and volcanic mud: The action-packed honeymoon to Scandinavia and beyond

Favourite place to go there?
Haha, all of them. We could honestly move to most of the places we went to.

How did you decide on the gifts you put in your registry?
Some of the gifts were places that we’d been to already on a previous holiday that we wanted to return to, such as the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. Other gifts were things that we had learnt about on previous holidays and didn’t get to experience as it was the wrong season. Some gifts came about from spending some time cruising on the internet, and others came from things that our friends and family said they would like to get us. For example, we had souvenir Viking helmets as a gift which a friend mentioned would be a cool idea. That was one of the first things to go, and we had a lot of people say they were disappointed they couldn’t have gotten that for us!

When picking the gifts, we also made a conscious decision to have a big price range. That way people weren’t pressured to spend more than they were comfortable with, but could still feel like they were giving us something meaningful. I hate feeling like a scrooge when the only thing I have been able to afford on people’s gift registries are the pair of kitchen tongs!

Best food experience?
Best Breakfast – Sis Café Helsinki (Finland)
Best Lunch – Restaurant on Fjaderholmarna (Stockholm, Sweden)
Best Dinner – Icelandic Fish and Chips, Reykjavik (Iceland)

Ice hotels and volcanic mud: The action-packed honeymoon to Scandinavia and beyond

Something you wish you’d done or known when you were there?
In Scotland, we spent some time around the Ben Nevis Range and found a large mountain biking hub where you could rent bikes and ride on some of the world’s best downhill tracks. Nick’s really into that thing and would have loved to have done this (whilst I sat at the café reading a book), but we were so inadequately dressed that instead we both just had to watch other people.

Best tip for travellers in that country?
In the Scandinavian countries, save up lots of money if you want to enjoy your alcohol as it’s super expensive (or list a couple of nights out as gifts!).

Best tips for newlyweds who travel?
Don’t hold back on doing anything you want to do because it may seem “un-honeymoon” like. If you both like hiking up mountains or camping, then do it. If you’re not into beaches that much, then don’t go to those beach resorts that a lot of people seem to do for their honeymoons. Get what I mean?

A few key items to pack for an awesome honeymoon in that country?
Layers. Even though we travelled in Summer, there was still snow in places and we even got a day where the maximum temp was 6 degrees, and some nights were quite cool. Also, if you’re hiring a car don’t forget a cable to connect your ipod. An 8hr drive when there’s nothing you understand on the radio may make you both go a little crazy...

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