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Adding Gifts to your Registry

Gifts take the form of items, activities or experiences directly related to your honeymoon and can be anything you want. Gifts can include travel tickets, accommodation, romantic dinners, massages, day trips, souvenirs, cocktails... You're only limited by your imagination!

To add a gift to your registry, click on Gifts in the left hand administration menu and click on Add a New Gift

Adding Gifts

You only need two details for your gift - the name and the amount that the gift is for. You can add am optional description to give your guests some more information about the activity or experience. When you save your gift, this is how your guests will see it:

Adding Gifts

Automatically suggesting an image for your gifts

Once you type in a name for your gift, you can choose to upload a photo or have us select one for you. Click on Suggest a photo fpr this gift. You can always click on No Photo if you don't like what we've suggested!

Adding Gifts