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Getting Started

Our Honeymoon Registry is an online wedding gift registry service that allows couples to specify items from their upcoming honeymoon as gifts in a registry for their family and friends to choose in lieu of traditional wedding presents.

Your honeymoon gifts can consist of anything your imagination can fathom as the perfect gift: from a romantic dinner to skydiving! Our Honeymoon Registry differs from receiving traditional wedding gifts because instead of the guests spending money on the gifts that they buy, the couple has control over where the money goes.

Signing in

To start your registry, sign up for our free 14 day trial. After signing up, you will receive an email with your login details and registry address.

No credit card is required during the trial period. Simply enjoy full access of the site and create your own personalized honeymoon registry.

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Your Registry

Your registry will be on the internet for your guests to view and contribute money to. Be sure to include your site’s registry address on your wedding invitations so your guests can make contributions there.

Welcome Page

The welcome page allows you to greet your guests with a full page photo of whatever you want. For example, greet your guests with a loving, beautiful picture of you and your fiancée. You can also include any welcome message of your choice. This page is optional.

Sample Welcome Page

Registry Layout

Your main registry page is where guests can view the many gifts you have added to your registry. You can display your creative side by personalizing this page with multiple layouts, colors, and spectacular visual effects – the choice is yours.

Sample Registry

Your Account

Your account pages are the sections that enable you to manage all of your personal details as well as customize your wedding registry and gifts.

Sample Account Page

Once you’re signed in, you can easily switch between your registry and account by clicking next to your registry name in the header.

Sample Account Page

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