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Personalisation Options

Personalising your Registry

Our honeymoon registries look gorgeous and are easy to use by both couples and guests. We give you the flexibility to make your registry as beautiful and elegant as your wedding.

You can personalise your registry with a choice of multiple layouts, colours, and stunning visual effects. Once you sign in you'll see a number of options on the left hand menu that we'll go through in this guide.

Welcome Page

A welcome page lets you greet your guests with your own perfect picture and welcome message to embody the spirit of your wedding. For example, greet your guests with a loving, beautiful picture of you and your fiancée. You can also include any welcome message of your choice. This page is optional.

Welcome Page

Setting up a Welcome Page

Click on Welcome Page in the left hand administration menu. From there you can change the background, the greeting, or hide the welcome page altogether.

Welcome Page Administration Section

Changing the Background

Upload your own file or choose one of the templates we provide. For best results, choose a file in landscape orinetation.

Welcome Page Background

Changing the Greeting

Add any text you owuld like to greet your guests and choose how it will be overlayed over your welcome page background. From here you can choose the colour of the text and background, and choose a transperent background if that works best with your image.

Welcome Page Greeting

Registry Layout

Your main registry page is where guests can view the many gifts you have added to your registry. In this section you can display your creative side by personalizing this page with multiple layouts, images and messages.

Registry Layout

Changing the Title

The title goes above the banner and is optional - you may choose instead to have a banner with the title as part of the image - this is a great idea if you want to have any special fonts.

Changing the Banner Image

Upload your own file to use as a banner image or choose one of the templates we provide. For best results, choose a file that is 944 pixels wide. The banner image is optional.

Changing the banner image

Changing the Welcome Message

The welcome message fits above the list of gifts and is optional.

Changing the Layout

There are several options for how the gifts can be laid out, such as a grid or a list - choose the options that best suits you!

Changing the layout